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A trademark is an industrial property title that identifies products and/or services in the market. It allows consumers to identify the commercial origin of the products and/or services.

Trade Names

A trade name is an industrial property title that identifies a company in the trade and distinguishes it from other companies that carry out the same or similar activities.


A patent is an industrial property title giving the holder the exclusive right to exploit the invention it covers, preventing others from manufacturing, selling or using it without consent.

Utility Models

A utility model is a title that gives the holder the exclusive rights to exploit the invention it applies to, preventing others from manufacturing, selling or using it without consent.


A design is a title that protects intellectual property creations relating to form; in other words, the appearance of the whole or part of a product that comes from the characteristics of its lines, contours, colours, shape, texture or materials of the product itself or its ornamentation.

Industrial Property

Industrial property is a set of exclusive rights that protect intangible heritage of companies; both their innovative activity manifested in new products, processes or designs, and their business activity by exclusive identification of products and services offered in the market.

Intellectual Property

In principle, copyright protection does not require registration; works are protected simply by their creation. However, it is required that the work be fixed in a tangible medium. Copyright law allows protection of a broad spectrum of works, including those developed within the framework of new technologies. Despite the absence of a registration requirement as a condition of protection, an entry in the intellectual property Register is advisable because it provides qualified proof of the registered rights, facilitating the defence of those rights if problems arise. Copyright is divided into two rights: economic rights on the one hand (transferable) and moral rights (non-transferable).

Domain Name Law

Domain names are now an absolutely essential tool for the entrepreneur who wants to work in the digital world.