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Dear Sirs,

Continuing with our prior email of June 3, 2015 regarding the "Extreme increase to official PTO fees in Venezuela", please be informed that pursuant to Resolution 005/15 dated May 15, 2015 from the Venezuelan Intellectual Property Institute (hereinafter referred to as "SAPI"), the official fees corresponding to IP rights with SAPI, shall have to be paid directly by the applicants via bank transfer to the bank account specified in the document "Specific instructions for bank transfer and our comments" (see link to document below).

In light of this new resolution and for security purposes, we kindly request that applicants proceed with the bank transfer of the fees, directly in advance. Please provide us with a copy of the transfer, in order for us to continue with the corresponding proceeding at SAPI.

As to prevent missing a deadline, it is recommended to make the payment within 8-10 days prior to the expected filing date.

We will require to have a copy of the bank receipt at least 72 hours before the corresponding deadline to file it with SAPI. Otherwise said PTO shall not accept the filing and the deadline shall not be met.

As far as trademarks are concerned, this new disposition refers to "already granted" rights, for example:

- payment of registration fees where the granting has been published,
- renewals,
- changes of ownership of registered trademarks,

but not for new trademark applications. 

As far as patents are concerned, this new disposition refers to all proceedings to be faced before the Venezuelan PTO, i.e. filings, payment of annuities, publications, etc.

For your convenience, please find below a link for each of the following documents:

a) Official Resolution 005/15
b) English translation thereof
c) Specific instructions for bank transfer and our comments
d) Form to be completed by the applicant when proceeding with the bank transfer

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Best regards,

Moeller IP Advisors 
covered region Latin America